YOU CAN WIN THE BATTLE BUT YOU CAN’T WIN THE WAR (I have to be totally flawed or I have to be totally floored)


Bora Akinciturk and Iain Ball

1.02.20 - 23.02.20

In Buddhism, the term anattā means ‘not self’, referring to the idea that there is no consistent self. Theories of mind point to consciousness being something which is emergent, even existing outside of us! AND whats more… The many worlds interpretation of quantum physics is currently looking to be one of the best models we have for what the hell is going on with fundamental reality. THAT means we are constantly splitting off into different versions of ourselves in different branches of the wave function (!whutt!). We are literally not the same entity we were

five years ago, or five days ago, or five minutes ago. Sure, you can’t exactly use this as an excuse if you’ve robbed a Starbucks, or whatever. But it’s interesting, ain't it. Like woah, what are we? - Some kind of self aware (not entirely self aware actually but…) ever changing

indeterminate vibrating arrangement of energy grouped together under the same identity cluster? YE!


And in that regard we hereby present ghost artefacts from various sub branches of the universal wave function...


Jakob Kroon - Copyright 2020