Nick Jeffrey


Isolation Booth


15.05.20 - 22.07.20


Growing amongst the ashes, a finely weighted disembodied mist rose. Littered across the barn floor stood damped metal, shadow lit by the ever-present moon. This rural-Gothic lithesome body creaked and ached, echoing ancient trees in a storm. A glow of darkening suspense, analogous to invisible isotopes within radioactive fields of density transmitted from the timber structure. Dripping from the charcoal lined attic, a deeply nocturnal residue seeped and curdled amongst the strained hay strands. Time was measured by the rings of dust gathered on the work tabletops. A paint peeled camping stove was on its side, increasingly compressed by some unknown pressure: a faint light grew whilst a petulant wind howled.




Nick Jeffrey is an artist based in Berlin. Upcoming and selected exhibitions include: TBT, Storage Capacité Berlin (2020) Code 3, ASHES/ASHES, New York (2018) Folk, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2017) Tonal Excavation, Dzialdov, Berlin (2017) Dream Divider, Horse & Pony, Berlin (2016) Phoney Counter, Sydney, Sydney (2016) Faith & Fathom, Galleria Poggiali, Florence (2016) Dark Mimes, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles (2016) What we all Lack, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2016)


The artist's work was featured in the monograph The Word is Art (Michael Petry, Thames and Hudson 2018). He has recently released his first LP, Residual Drifter: Loss of Being (2020).

Jakob Kroon - Copyright 2020